This game was created as a demo for a tutorial series on game development.

To Whom It May Concern:

With the release of the new Round Boi 2.0, we no longer need our previous Round Boi Service Robot models.  As such, we are requesting the immediate disposal of all out-dated Round Boi robots.

Disposal can be easily accomplished using the included self-destruct sequence. To enable the self-destruct sequence:

  1. Approach target Round Boi
  2. Use Tablet to Mark Round Boi
  3. Use the Disposal function to Detonate All Marked Round Bois

A word of caution: Round Bois are equipped with a self-preservation protocol. Please use the utmost care when disposing of Round Bois as they have been known to act with hostility.

We look forward to news of your successful disposal of all out-dated Round Bois.


Totally-Not-An-Evil-Megacorp Heavy Industries, Inc.


Newest Version - 112 MB
Older Version - 109 MB


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