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Patriot Slam is a competitive action-sports game developed by students enrolled in George Mason University's  Advanced Game Design course. The game is built utilizing the newest version of the Unity Engine (2019), and is based off of Windjammers, the 1994  arcade hit by Data East on the Neo Geo arcade system.

The year is 2519 and the ancient practices of disc sports have remained strong in the hearts of people all over the globe. As the sport has continued to develop with modern technology, it has become a hardcore, all or nothing competitive showdown for prizes and glory! Join the fray and play as four different characters with unique personalities studying at the intergalactic campus of George Mason University. Master the flashy and fast paced gameplay of Patriot Slam and challenge friend and foe alike to see who will take home the gold.


  • Participate in matches set on familiar locations of the George Mason Campus, re-imagined in a futuristic style
  • Enjoy a fully original soundtrack with tracks for every stage and themes for every character
  • Play locally against another human player, or practice your skills against a computer-controlled character
  • Master the fast paced and flashy gameplay, and compete against your friends for glory and bragging rights
  • Experience 3D environments and character models with original animations and style

How to  Play

Download the .zip file. Launch the .exe file, plug in your controller(s), and have fun!  Please wear headphones for the best experience!

Controller Controls:

Menu Navigation:
  • Left Stick, D-Pad: Move selection
  • A Button: Confirm Selection
  • B Button: Cancel Selection / Previous menu
  • Left Stick, D-Pad: Movement, Aim throw
  • A-Button: Throw disc
  • B-Button: Lob disc
  • X-Button: Dash (Also can use the shoulder buttons as well)
  • Start: Pause
  • Super Throw: B+A(Hold)
Curve throws: 

Movement commands when disc is held before throwing. (Note: Replace the downs with ups to curve in other direction.)

  • Down-right -> Right
  • Down -> Down-right -> Right
  • Down-left -> Down -> Down-right -> Right


Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorSkyboy Games
GenreSports, Action
Tagsdisc-game, gmu, hockey, patriot, patriot-slam, slam, sport, windjammers


PatriotSlam_v1_1.zip 106 MB

Install instructions

Download the .zip file and extract it using your preferred file archiver (such as Winrar or 7zip). Launch the .exe file, then plug in your controller(s), and have fun!  

Please wear headphones for the best experience!


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