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The world is changing and what was once a natural tourist attraction is now a treacherous mountain climb. Using your jumping and grappling skills, you will reach the peak of this mountain to see a beautiful view before it disappears forever.

There are two builds of the game available, 1.1.2 and 1.2.0. The 1.1.2 version of the game is a version of the game using Unreal's default physics and character controller to implement the game's jumping and grappling mechanics. The 1.20 version of the game implements grappling and jumping mechanics using a custom movement controller. It also attempts to simplify the controls.

Controls (ver. 1.1.2)


  • A - Move Left
  • D - Move Right
  • W/Space - Jump
  • Left Mouse Button - Throw / Retrieve Grappling Hook
  • Right Mouse Button - Release / Pickup Grappling Hook


  • Left Analog Stick - Move
  • A Button - Jump
  • Right Trigger - Throw / Retrieve Grappling Hook
  • Right Bumper - Release / Pickup Grappling Hook

Controls (ver. 1.2.0)


  • A/D - Move Left/Right
  • W/S - Move Up/Down on Rope while Grappling
  • Space - Jump / Release Grapple
  • Left Mouse Button - Throw / Retrieve Grappling Hook


  • Left Analog Stick - Move (vertical movement will change length of rope while grappling)
  • A Button - Jump / Release Grappling Hook
  • X Button - Throw / Retrieve Grappling Hook


  • Release a grappling hook while swinging to get extra air time
  • You can pickup a released grapple IF you can reach either end of its rope


  • Programming: Rob Dieterich
  • Level Design and Implementation: Chris Otey and Andrew Schwartz
  • Character Design and Modeling: Kate Himler
  • Environment and Materials: Rafidh Chowdhury
  • Music from Mega Game Music Collection
  • Sounds Effects from Digital Juice
  • Font: 'Please write me a song' by Vanessa Bays @ http://bythebutterfly.com
  • Font: 'Sunrise International' by The Branded Quotes
  • Animations by Mixamo


OneLastView_1_2_0.zip 156 MB
OneLastView_1_1_2.zip 162 MB

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