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George Mason: A Declaration of Rites, is a puzzle-platforming adventure that takes place in an alternate history quite different from our own. Long before the founding of the university that was named after him, George Mason himself lead a secret life as a ghost hunter, protecting colonial America from supernatural threats. On a dark stormy night, Mason is tasked with ridding the Johns Estate - known today as the Johnson Center - from pesky poltergeists that have been plaguing its halls.

Take control of the titular character, George Mason, and dive into parallel versions of the Johnson Center! Using only your trusty spike launcher, apprehend elemental enemies, traverse 4 levitating levels, and take down 2 bewildering bosses!

Grab up to four friends and play in local co-op mode!


GMU_DoR_Build_v1_0.zip 90 MB


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Neat! I also love the title!  Thanks.