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It is that time of year every year around fall. The GMU Campus engages in its unique tradition of having professors, students, and even robots compete in what is known as a balloon fight competition; however, the fierce competition often ends with the professors in last place. This year is unique because, for the first time ever, four brave professors are rising above the others with one common goal: winning the balloon fight. 

Balloon Fight is an action video game where the players can choose from various characters, each with their atributes. Players can either play this game solo or with a team of up to four players and enjoy fierce batles together to eliminate the competition by destroying their balloons. 

Enjoy up to four playable characters with their unique atributes.

  • Play throught a variety of levels that take you all around the GMU campus.
  • Have fun with up to four players and enjoy the batles with friends.

  •  Player 1
    • Movement – Arrow Keys
    • Buton 1 - .
    • Buton 2 -/
  •  Player 2
    • Movement -WASD
    • Buton 1- ‘
    • Buton2- 1
  • Player 3
    • Movement -IJKL
    • Buton 1 – G
    • Buton 2 – H
  • Player 4
    • Movement -        Numpad 8456
    • Buton 1 – Numpad 1
    • Buton 2 – Numpad 2
  • Back Buton
    • Escape


Mouhajir, Tariq 


McMahon, Sal (Art Lead)

Abdelfattah, Shama

Bonev, Nicole

Carter, Jennifer

Dorsey, Emanuel

Khashnobish, Kiron

Lea, Gabriel

M Elmufti, Eilaf

Pongsudhiraks, Matthew

Shipman, Simon


Vu, Tracy (Design Lead)

Dayyani, Ainsley

Gethers Rizza, Jovan

Jones, Spencer

Mann, Brandon

Nanayakkara, Hiran

Thiessen, Jacob

Yannotti, Grey


Burset, Pedro (Programming Lead)

Daniel, Dinet

Fedorshik, Hunter

Kruml, Ambrose

Rustom, Pierce

Tolliver, Jonathan

Williams, Micah


Yi, Connor (Sound Lead)

Virdi, Simi

Zamora, Leo


GMU_Balloon_Fight_1_0.zip 124 MB

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