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George Mason Skywaves is a two player local co-op fighting game. Players must toss a disc back and forth with the intent of hitting the opponent's goal.

The game features four unique playable characters: Basketface, The Senior, Roboi, and the Mascot. They each have a unique a unique ability that can give them a tactical advantage over their opponent. 

GM Skywaves also comes with four unique maps whose dimensions and features vary. These features include collidable walls and a drone that can sap your energy if you destroy it. 

Thank you for playing!


The game can be played with either an X-Box remote or a keyboard.


Executive Producer
Rob Dieterich

Product Manager
Julie Demyanovich

Build Manager
David Baptiste

Discord Manager
Dimitri Denis


Art Director
Jackson Romero

George Lovett

 Lauren Dansereau

Environment Texturing
YeSun Kim

Environment Modeling
Devin Vines

Concept art and Character Design
Cole Eldridge

Character Modeling
Laith Alsaif

UI Art
Jeremy Totten


Programming Director
Turtle Cromartie

Physics and Gameplay Programming
David Baptiste
Ben Johnston

Sound Programming
Connor McNamara

Animation Programming
Cullen Perez

Menu Programming
Matthew Matyi


Sound Director
Sergio Conti

Main Menu and Level Themes
Julie Demyanovich

Mascot Voice Acting and Construction Theme
Kirk Lindsay

Level ambience and Basketface Voice Acting
Jakob Gottschalk

Robot Voice Acting and SFX
Nick Kapp


Design Director
Darren Walsh

Game Design Document
Dimitri Denis

Debugging and Balancing
Dimitri Denis
Arjun Rajan
Cameron Chiumento

Sound team ambassador
Arjun Rajan

General UI and Menu Documentation
Cameron Chiumento

General Documentation
Zach Moorman


GMU_Skywaves_v1_0.zip 48 MB

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