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Simple, Fun, Classic and A lot of Fun! This game feels like it came out  during the NES's heyday. Great Game and nice work!

Thank you! That was the exact vibe I was going for!

que tiene de nuevo la version 2.0,gracias

There are some bugfixes and the main character has a new sprite.
You can use the old sprite by holding the B button during the title screen.

I love the game! What happens if you keep going? Does it loop until it crashes or is a final stage set?

Never mind. I found out 7-5 loops back to 7-1.

And the time limit goes down with every world 7 loop, until clearing stages isn't humanly possible.

Interesting. Good to know!

My little tribute to this game...

Thank you for the video!
You are a true Scholar and a Gentleman.

there it is the Sub 30min 100%-Run, on demand i also edit a Co-Op Categorie

thx for this nice Game the Community loves it.

Oh my gosh, that is so awesome!

The Speed Running Community is crushing it. Crushing it, I say!

so the request is accepted ;)

Holy Crud, that's so awesome!

I better signal boost this so you have some competition. :)

yes really nice game, i started to speedrun it and send a game request on, really really fun

For real?
That's so cool! think i made three categories

Nice! I love it


Awesome game, tons of fun!

Oh, thank you so much!
That makes me really happy to hear that.

Can't wait looks fun!

Thank you! We're getting close. Doing QA and last minute bug fixes right now.


Excited to see this come together!

For sure!

It's slow going because there's so much on my plate, but this one should be ready real soon.