A downloadable game for Windows

Developed by:

  • Aiden Tamke
  • Matthew Daigneault
  • Grace Lee
  • Charles Jennings
  • Jason Hur
  • James Gray
  • Zachary Fischer
  • Connor Hoss
  • Ryan Facklam
  • Nicholas Garthright
  • Jacob Boris
  • Donny Aruda
  • Sam Wheeler
  • Bryce Bryneston
  • Jackson Romero
  • Del Sims
  • Ceasar Howe
  • Shannon Chong
  • Joseph Chung
  • Michael Christon
  • Anna Waldrop
  • Nina Johnson
  • Noah Brennan
  • Daniel Truong
  • Scott Martin

Bombs from Beyond pits a player against up to three opponents, either players or computer-controlled, and the player must eliminate their opponents within five minutes by using both the bombs in their possession and the dangers found on the levels themselves.

Bombs from Beyond Features:

  • Fast-paced action for up to four players simultaneously
  • Destructible environments change the flow of the game
  • A variety of stage hazards challenge the player across six different levels.
  • Focus on strategic play, using bombs to outwit your opponents!
  • A cute, colorful art style combined with a Lovecraft-inspired aesthetic bring a unique look to each level

Basic Rules:

  • Players have seven lives each
  • Each player can place a maximum of two bombs at a time
  • Bombs explode on a three-second timer
  • Players will lose a life each time they are hit by an explosion, whether it be by an opponent’s bomb or their own
  • If two or more players survive until time expires, the player with the most lives wins by default
  • Stage hazards, such as bees or zombie hands, may stun the player or preemptively detonate bombs.
  • Some entities, such as trees or steel beams, will interact with players’ bombs and may become damaged or move across the stage when too close to an explosion.


BombsFromBeyond_V1.zip 85 MB

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