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Have you ever procrastinated on a homework assignment and thought nothing else could go wrong?

How about an alien invasion that steals your homework so you can’t turn it in on time!? Using your trusty weapon, a keyboard, type to repel these colorful aliens and take back your homework before they fly away!

Get better grades for typing faster and make your way through the hordes of invaders.

It’s up to you to save your homework!...  and Earth, too.


  • Become a true keyboard warrior with typing based combat.
  • Experience the journey from small time student to savior of homework everywhere.
  • The largest alien invasion of the year.
  • A myriad of aliens that look like giant letters.
  • Combo meter that increases your score the faster you type.
  • You thought you only type in-game? You can also type to navigate your way through the menus.

Minimum Specs

  • CPU - 2.3 ghz dual core
  • RAM - 4gb
  • GPU - 512mb memory, 650 mhz clock
  • HDD - 150mb free
  • Graphics - DX12
  • OS - Windows 7 or newer

Recommended Specs

  • CPU 2.5 ghz dual core
  • GPU 1gb memory, 950 mhz clock
  • RAM -8gb
  • HDD - 150mb free
  • Graphics - DX12
  • OS - Windows 7 or newer


AliensAteMyHomework 1.0 12-17-18.zip 39 MB

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