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I am trying to play this game on an emulator, but it looks like you need a light gun, to choose the control method?

You should be able to select the gamepad control method by pressing Select then Start at the input selection screen. Select and Start are usable in all menus that let you make a choice.

Incidentally, depending on the emulator you use, you may be able to tweak settings to allow mouse clicks / screen touches to emulate lightgun zaps. That's what I do with the copy of FCEUX bundled in the zip file version of Gunhawk.

Thanks, that worked.


1. This game rules!

2. I'm having a small issue (and it's probably my fault). The rom works great on my Everdrive N8, but it's not working on my Everdrive N8-Pro. Let me clarify: The rom loads on both fine, but the zapper doesn't work with the N8-Pro for some reason.

Like I said, it's probably something I'm doing wrong, but any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

I have an Everdrive N8 I use for testing, but I don't have an N8-Pro, so I'm not familiar with N8-Pro specific features. I don't suppose there are some settings in the N8-Pro that could be a factor. Would I be correct in presuming that your Zapper is plugged into controller slot 2?

Also, regarding the Zapper not working. Are you getting any response when you pull the trigger? If so, does it flicker the screen to black when their are targets on the screen (either in the 2-choice menus or when enemies are on screen)? 

Last aspect to check, what type of device are you playing the Everdrive on? Is it a stock NES or a third-party machine like a Retron? Is the device plugged in directly to a CRT TV or does it go through another device along the way?

Sorry for the volley of questions. These are just what came up as I started thinking about what might be going on.


Yes, zapper is in port 2.

Zero response at all from multiple zappers I tried.

Tried it on both an original NES and a top loader directly into my CRT. Both same results. 

I also tested out some other zapper games on the N8-Pro and they worked fine. Like I said, it works GREAT on the N8.

Just wanted to give you the heads up. 


Thank you!
I definitely appreciate the heads-up.

Hi Joe,

I just picked up an Everdrive N8-Pro and the Zapper seems to be working on mine. Do you know which version of the OS you're running? You can check it by hitting SELECT at the Everdrive menu and selecting Device Info.

hello! OS Version 2.14 is what i'm seeing. 

When I was testing, I was using OS Version 2.15. Could that be it?
Once I'm done with the convention this weekend, I'll try changing my OS version and see if that reproduces the bug.


I'm sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, I don't have control over what payment methods this site offers...

Will this work by creating a custom NES cart - say with a proper donor cart?
Which mapper is suitable?


It uses NROM, i.e. mapper 0.

I will be doing an official physical release later (hopefully before the year is out), but let me know if you have any trouble getting it onto the donor cart.

Thanks for your reply!
Sure, I will let you know if everything went well